Groundwater Videos

Webinar - Introduction to Integrated Hydrologic Modelling with HGS

Presented by: Dr. Ed Sudicky & Dr. Steven Frey (Aquanty)

HydroGeoSphere (HGS) is a three-dimensional control-volume finite element simulator which is designed to simulate the entire terrestrial portion of the hydrologic cycle. It uses a globally-implicit approach to simultaneously solve the 2D diffusive-wave equation and the 3D form of Richards’ equation.

HGS also dynamically integrates key components of the hydrologic cycle such as evaporation from bare soil and water bodies, vegetation-dependent transpiration with root uptake, snowmelt and soil freeze/thaw. Features such as macro pores, fractures, and tile drains can either be incorporated discretely or by using a dual-porosity, dual permeability formulation.