Groundwater Videos

Tikhonov Regularization

Presented by: John Doherty

The videos that are presently accessible through this page were prepared by John Doherty. John is the author of PEST and a participant in the GMDSI project. While these videos will be of interest to users of PEST and PEST++, their subject areas are much broader than this. In fact, most of these videos are of general interest, for they describe the theoretical and conceptual outcomes of history-matching, however, it is achieved.

It is our intention to add to these videos over time, with contributions by different modellers on different topics. Some of our planned videos will continue to target users of model-value-adding packages such as PEST, PEST++, and their supporting suites. Others will be of a more general nature. All will address, in one way or another, the way that models are used in decision support.