Groundwater Videos

SA GDE's - IAH Seminar

Presented by: SA Govt

Groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) have been in the news recently, especially in relation to controversial mining developments in Queensland. This seminar will shed light on the GDE situation in South Australia - their characteristics, their location, how they are taken into account in the water allocation planning process, and what is considered in the mining approval process.

Four experts from DEW will make the following presentations;

1)   What are GDEs and where do they occur in SA?   Glen Scholz, Principal Aquatic Ecologist

2)   How can you find out where they occur?  Matt Miles, Principal - Environmental Information

3)   How does Water Planning take into account GDEs?  Jason Vanlaarhoven , Senior Aquatic Ecologist

4)   How does the Mining Approval process take into account GDEs?  Lloyd Sampson, Principal Hydrogeologist