Groundwater Videos

Dr. Michael Teubner: Webinar Groundwater Modelling An Introduction

Presented by: Dr. Michael Teubner

This webinar will discuss the bases for groundwater flow modelling: basic hydrogeological considerations, together with the two laws that help define and provide an understanding of groundwater flow: Darcy’s Law and mass conservation. These two laws lead to the groundwater flow equation, which is the basis of groundwater flow modelling. This equation can be solved exactly for very simplified aquifer systems, but for more complex and realistic conditions, the equations must be solved using numerical techniques. The most widely used numerical modelling code is MODFLOW. This code will be discussed briefly in the webinar as a part of the overall process of groundwater modelling, showing how a model is conceptualized from existing data and developed using available techniques and experience. The webinar will look at each of the steps within the process and consider the limitations and pitfalls associated with each step. Finally, the webinar will provide a quick look at management and regulatory guidance necessary for the acceptable and supportive use of groundwater modelling as a formative management tool.