Research projects

ARC Linkage - Milingimbi Island


Collaborating Organisations: Flinders University, Charles Darwin University, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Auckland UniversityNT Power and Water Corporation.

Researchers: Dr Eddie Banks, Professor Okke Batelaan and Professor Adrian Werner

This industry-focused, inter-disciplinary research project aims to develop a methodology for community-led adaptive water management on resource-constrained islands. It involves Indigenous communities in the development of predictive numerical groundwater models.

The numerical groundwater flow model of Milingimbi Island, NT will be used to make informed management decisions on how to ensure adequate water supply to the community. A stakeholder engagement process led and owned by the local community involving a participatory 3D mapping exercise is being used to capture local knowledge and understanding of the water resources and contribute to a range of possible policy, management and hydrological scenarios within the model.

On a technical level, the methodology for developing a numerical model is clear, however, bringing together the social element across disciplines and also culturally has been a challenging but a very fun and rewarding experience.

Research Fellow Eddie Banks, Professor Okke Batelaan and Professor Adrian Werner from Flinders University are leading the project with strong collaboration with the linkage partners at CDU, PWC, AU and ANSTO.