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Knowledge Gap Survey Sustainable Groundwater Management

NCGRT is conducting a survey of industry perceptions of major impediments and challenges involved in assessing and setting extraction limits for gr... Read more

New gauge on weather forecasts

Australia, the driest inhabited continent is prone to natural disasters and wild swings in weather conditions – from floods to droughts, heat... Read more

How the water and sewage under your feet could end up flooding your home (and what to do about it)

The Conversation is presenting stories as part of a series on the nexus between disaster, disadvantage and resilience. To read more click here... Read more

World Water Day

A comprehensive view on ways that water is valued across different sectors and looks at how we can improve this process. Read more here Read more

NCGRT researchers investigate groundwater impacts for EPA

NCGRT researchers Prof Peter Cook , Dr Ilka Wallis and Dr Eddie Banks carried out an investigation for the EPA into gr... Read more