Willunga Basin Water Trail


Groundwater can be a difficult concept for many people to visualise or understand. It is literally under our feet but there is little infrastructure above ground for people to see and touch.

To respond to this missing link the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) has collaborated with local partners across the Willunga Basin to create a trail of six interpretive signs relating to features of the local groundwater system.

Willunga Basin Water Trail sites

  1. Groundwater in the Willunga Basin McLaren Vale Visitor Centre (front garden)
  2. Groundwater and irrigation Paxton wines (car park)
  3. Recycled water and managed aquifer recharge Leconfield wines (garden)
  4. Groundwater springs Old Willunga Courthouse (creek)
  5. Groundwater‚Äźdependent ecosystems Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park (off Acacia Terrace)
  6. Groundwater and seawater intrusion Victory Hotel (car park)
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Map of the Willunga Basin show the positions of the signs.