Groundwater Videos

Dr Vincent Post: Coastal groundwater systems - long-term perspectives

Presented by: Dr Vincent Post

This talk was hosted by the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training at Flinders University, on 14 February 2013.
With the majority of Australia’s population living along the coast, the management of coastal groundwater resources is becoming ever more important.

Recent research of groundwater systems at the land–ocean interface has clearly shown the importance of acknowledging the connectivity between onshore and offshore parts of coastal aquifers. This information is necessary to understand and predict the movement of groundwater and its dissolved solutes across a range of spatial and temporal scales. Coastal aquifer systems do not terminate at the coastline, and nor is the coastline fixed in time. Past changes of sea level and coastline migration still have an influence on the groundwater salinity distribution today.

This presentation reviews the current state of the science, and explains the need for more research on the offshore parts of aquifers, which may contain significant volumes of exploitable groundwater.

Vincent Post is a groundwater hydrologist who currently holds a lecturership at Flinders University in Adelaide. He is a chief investigator within program 2 of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

Vincent obtained his PhD from the VU University in Amsterdam in 2004, where his thesis focused on the paleohydrological evolution of coastal aquifers in the Netherlands on geological timescales. He also works as an editor for Hydrogeology Journal.