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Dr Russell Crosbie: Climate change and groundwater

Presented by: Dr Russell Crosbie


Our reliance on groundwater has been increasing in recent decades and with a drying climate this reliance can only increase. Climate change is a threat to our water resources and effective management requires projections of future water availability.

This presentation will explore the direct effects of climate change on groundwater through changes in recharge and the indirect effects through land use change across Australia. The uncertainty inherent in the model cascade used for making projections of water availability will be explored and strategies for effectively communicating the results discussed.


Dr Russell Crosbie joined CSIRO in 2006 after spending three years researching dryland salinity in the Central West of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, with the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

He is currently working on the Northern Australia and Tasmania Sustainable Yields Projects and the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) project in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Dr Crosbie has been awarded Chairman's Medal 2008 as a member of Murray Darling Basin Sustainable Yields team. His research interests include: - regional scaling of groundwater recharge; dryland salinity; and climate change impacts on groundwater recharge.

This talk was presented by the Flinders University School of the Environment, and the Water and Environment Hub.