Groundwater Videos

Dr. John Jansen (2013 McEllhiney Lecturer): Keeping the Pump Primed - Aquifer Sustainability

Presented by: Dr. John Jansen

John Jansen's 2013 McEllhiney Lecture presentation covers:
- how several different definitions of 'sustainability' apply to the management of an aquifer, and how these different definitions may affect your work
- states' varying approaches to aquifer management, reflecting their local conditions and history
how regulatory practices are evolving, and why they must balance local economic and political realties with environmental needs to be accepted and successful
meaningful ways to provide information and build consensus, to help the regulatory evolution move in a positive direction
steps needed for successful management from all perspectives.


John Jansen, PhD, PG, is a principal and senior hydrogeologist for Cardno ENTRIX and works on a wide variety of groundwater projects around the US specialising in high-capacity wells and groundwater resource management. Formerly a partner in a Denver-based water rights company and the chief geoscientist for an international drilling company, he has broad experience in well construction and maintenance, as well as water rights issues.

Dr. Jansen holds three U.S. patents on water well-related technologies and is the lead author of the chapter on borehole geophysics in the third edition of Groundwater & Wells, published in 2007. Dr. Jansen is a member of the Advisory Council on Water Information (a federal advisory committee advising the US government on water research priorities) where he had been active in the development of a national groundwater monitoring network. He has a BS in geology and an MS and PhD in geological sciences, with an emphasis in hydrogeology and geophysics, all from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.