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Dr Clifford Voss: Informing management of some of the world's largest groundwater problems with simply-structured model analysis

Presented by: Dr Clifford Voss


Cliff covers the management issues of two of the world’s largest groundwater problems. He shows how simple models and insighful approaches to analysis can provide clear and robust answers to important questions about aquifer functioning and water-resource management.

This philosophy was applied to the study of two transboundary aquifer systems – the Bengal Aquifer System (BAS) of Bangladesh and India, and the Nubian Aquifer System (NAS) of Chad, Egypt, Libya and Sudan.
For BAS, where dissolved arsenic is a major contamination problem, simple modelling allowed identification of a management approach that could supply a sustainable arsenic-free groundwater supply.

For NAS, the world’s largest non-renewable water resource, the development of a simple model is a key step in providing a technical basis for international discussion concerning sharing and management.

Dr Clifford Voss is a senior scientist in the hydrological research program of the US Geological Survey. He has worked on hydrogeological systems for more than 30 years, in field studies, research, project management, and implementation. This presentation was given to the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training at Flinders University in South Australia, on 16 August 2012.

NOTE: This video unfortunately cuts out a few minutes before the end of the talk.