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2018 IAH / NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Series presented by Dr Jennifer Stauber - Chief Research Scientist (CSIRO Land & Water)

Presented By: Dr Jennifer Stauber

Title: Groundwater Quality: An Ecotoxicology Perspective
Presentation from Adelaide lecture:

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2017 NCGRT IAH Distinguished Lecture presented by Dr Glen Walker.

Presented By: Dr Glen Walker

2017 NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecture Series

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Australasian Groundwater Conference 2017 - Opening Video

Presented By: AGC2017

Short introduction video to open the AGC2017 in Sydney.

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Rising the profile of women in STEM

Presented By: Megan Sebben

NCGRT groundwater hydrology PhD student Megan Sebben on national television to discuss some of the issues around the lack of women taking up careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and "Curious Minds", a hands-on mentoring program to ignite girls’ passion in STEM.

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Impacts of groundwater extraction on spring ecosystems

Presented By: Rod Fensham

Webinar presented 12/5/2016

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How old is stream water?

Presented By: Professor Ian Cartwright

Understanding mean transit times (MTT) of water to headwater streams using tritium

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Using the Bureau's Groundwater Information Suite

Presented By: Eloise Nation and John Sharples

NCGRT webinar presented by John Sharples and Eloise Nation from the Bureau of Meteorology

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A Multi-Methodology for Improving Adelaide’s Groundwater Management

Presented By: Professor Okke Batelaan and Dr Etienne Bresciani

A webinar presented by Professor Okke Batelaan and Dr Etienne Bresciani of Flinders University

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Webinar - Introduction to Integrated Hydrologic Modelling with HGS

Presented By: Dr. Ed Sudicky & Dr. Steven Frey (Aquanty)

Presented by Aquanty - HydroGeoSphere (HGS) is a three-dimensional control-volume finite element simulator which is designed to simulate the entire terrestrial portion of the hydrologic cycle. It uses a globally-implicit approach to simultaneously solve the 2D diffusive-wave equation and the 3D form of Richards’ equation.

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The American Revolution in Unconventional Oil & Gas Continues

Presented By: William (Bill) Fisher

A public lecture presentation by William (Bill) Fisher presented on 17 April 2015.

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Dr. Michael Teubner: Webinar Groundwater Modelling An Introduction

Presented By: Dr. Michael Teubner

This webinar is a brief introduction to a 4-day intensive course introduction to groundwater modelling course. Details of this course can be obtained from

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Extending PHREEQCs capabilities to high temperature, salinity and pressure environments

Presented By: Dr Tony Appelo

Extending PHREEQCs capabilities to high temperature, salinity and pressure environments

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