Dr Henning Prommer

Dr Henning Prommer is a Principal Research Scientist in the Urban and Industrial Water research program at CSIRO Land and Water (Floreat, WA) and Winthrop Research Professor in a joint appointment between CSIRO and the University of Western Australia (UWA). In this role he is leading the Western Australian node of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

His main expertise is the development of (bio)geochemical transport models and their application to an integrated quantification of physical flow/transport processes and geochemical reactions. A strong focus of his research is the assessment and prediction of the variability of the redox zonation in aquifers, the corresponding impact on the fate of anthropogenic macro- and micro-pollutants, weathering reactions, and the mobilisation and remediation of heavy metals. 

Recent examples of modelling studies include investigations of the water quality changes in managed aquifer recharge systems (e.g., deepwell injection, ASR, river bank filtration), aquifers stressed by agricultural inputs, uranium contaminated sites (e.g., DoE Hanford 300A site) and model-based interpretations of measured carbon and sulphur isotope signatures in aquifers.

Research Publications