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Media Release: Australia's leafy drinking problem

Australia’s vital underground water reserves could be given a boost by strategically planting trees, according to the National Centre for Gro... Read more

NCGRT featured in UNESCO Publication for International Year of Water Cooperation

During October 2013, Free Flow, the UNESCO publication for the International Year of Water Cooperation was officially launched during the ... Read more

Media Release: World's wet woodlands 'at risk from water crisis'

Nations round the world need to cut back on their water use if they want to save their precious woodlands and rivers, scientists at the Australia&r... Read more

Media Release: Future mining & dining booms depend on water

The next mining boom and the emerging ‘dining boom’ in agriculture will depend critically on whether Australia has enough water to supp... Read more

Media Release: Groundwater ‘supports industry worth $34bn’

Australia’s reserves of groundwater help earn the nation a steady $34 billion a year from mining, food production and manufacturing, accordin... Read more