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Opinion: Australian groundwater knowledge to help the world

* By Craig Simmons As the world grapples with the problem of providing fresh water to a growing population, Australia has much experience we c... Read more

Media release: Hunt for water intensifies – on two planets

Scientists are using a promising new theory to track down hidden water both on Earth – where fresh water is becoming dangerously scarce in so... Read more

Opinion: Time to start banking our water

By Craig Simmons* The return of drought in eastern Australia is a fresh reminder that Australia has not yet done enough to secure our future water... Read more

Scientists to explore water resources beneath Adelaide

Most Adelaide residents are acutely aware that they live in the driest state on the driest inhabited continent, and many still remember water restr... Read more

Open access in hydrology takes a big step forward

Flinders Strategic Professor in Hydro(geo)logy and NCGRT chief investigator Okke Batelaan recently became editor-in-chief of two new open-access jo... Read more