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Tracking Progress on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: environmental, hydrological and economic perspectives

Thursday 5th April 5:30 pm for a 6:15pm start

Charles Hawker Centre, University of Adelaide Urrbrae campus
Hosted by the Hydrological Society of South Australia Inc

Presentations by:

  • Dr Anne Jensen: Progress towards environmental targets in the Basin Plan
  • Mr Andy Close Hydrologic Modelling underpinning the Basin Plan
  • Prof Jeff Connor: Progress on economic investment in the Basin Plan

The Basin Plan The Murray-Darling Basin Plan was signed off with Basin states in 2012 after controversial Basin-wide consultation, with an initial water recovery target of 2750 GL/a. The Plan included provision for further review and adjustment of this volume, plus 450 GL/a and/or minus 650 GL/a. In 2018, 2150 GL/a has been recovered, with 1836 GL/a held by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder. A recommended 70 GL/a reduction for the Northern Basin was blocked by the Senate. A further reduction of 605/y for the Southern Basin has been recommended by the Authority to Parliament. Progress on the potential 450 GL/y addition is lagging. The Murray-Darling Declaration On 5 February 2018, twelve eminent Scientists called for a pause in the Basin Plan’s implementation to allow for an audit of progress to date, review of the next steps and the establishment of a truly independent scientific advisory body. That ‘Declaration’ is available at 

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