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Groundwater - the invisible resource

Groundwater is the only water supply available across the vast majority Australia. The economic contribution of its use to Gross Domestic Product across Australia is estimated to be more than $6.8 Billion per annum. So why is this vital resource misunderstood?

Professor Peter Cook, Director of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training and world leading groundwater scientist at Flinders University will provide an overview of the key fundamentals of groundwater – how much is there? How much do we use? How old is it? How fast is it replenished and how is it managed? This talk is aimed at anyone who would like to know more about this underground resource.

Groundwater – The invisible resource will be presented on UN World Water Day on Tuesday, 22nd March 2022. The link to the lecture will be available on the Flinders University/Water webpage.

We encourage people to share the lecture link amongst interested parties wanting to know more about groundwater.