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Australian water quality crisis

The NSW government has announced aerators will be deployed across the state to help oxygen levels in the water in an attempt to avoid another large fish death.

Minister for NSW Primary Industries Niall Blair has previously said the fish at Menindee were killed by a "perfect storm" of factors including severely low water flow, algal blooms and a sudden drop in temperature.

The minister on Tuesday announced 16 aerators will be deployed across the state in an attempt to minimise the risk of further deaths by increasing oxygen in the water.

Four will be installed in the Darling River as an "immediate priority" with others to be deployed at Lake Keepit near Tamworth and Lake Burrendong near Dubbo.

Up to a million fish have died in a far west NSW river.

"They are a bandaid solution, we admit that, nothing will stop this fish kill unless we get proper river flows and levels in our dams back to normal but we are looking at doing everything we can to try and limit the damage," Mr Blair said.

The aerators will be solar charged and will mostly run at night when oxygen depletion is worst.

They are due to arrive from Western Australia within the next 24 hours and will run until conditions change, the minister said.