Workshop: MAR Essentials

This is for anyone who is thinking about how to begin and how to maintain a viable Managed Aquifer Recharge project.

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Presented by the nation’s top MAR practitioners and scientists. You will have access to professionals experienced in the planning, feasibility, economic, environmental and scientific aspects of establishing a MAR scheme.

A joint initiative of NCGRT and ICE WaRM. In association with Managed Recharge; Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec and Water Corporation (WA). Supported by IAH and AWA

Issues we will address in both the Webinar and Workshop include:

1.    Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR): Introduction and Overview

2.    Potential for MAR in the Perth Region

3.    Is MAR an Option? Preliminary Feasibility Assessment

4.    Kwinana – Feasibility of MAR using Recycled Water

5.    Will it Work? Technical Viability Assessment

6.    Minderoo – Viability of Enhanced Recharge using an Upside-Down Weir

7.    Setting up a MAR Site – Implementation and Testing

8.    Perry Lakes – Aquifer Recharge using Infiltration Galleries: FIG and MARRO  projects.

9.    Moving to an Operational Scheme –  Issues and Management

10.  Chichester Range MAR Scheme – Injecting for almost 10 years

11.  Regulatory Requirements: Approvals Process

12.  Beenyup – MAR as a Water Resource Management Tool

13.  Field Visit: Beenyup Groundwater Replenishment Scheme

14.  Field Visit: Hartfield Park Municipal Scale ASR

15.  Field Visit: Hartfield Park Municipal Scale ASR

16.  Field Visit: Kwinana, Spectacles Wetlands

17.  Field Visit: Meadow Springs/Gordon Rd WWTP

18.  Field Visit: Caddadup WWTP/Ocean Rd Reserve