Webinar: Impacts of proposed coal mining developments on spring ecosystems

Webinar: Impacts of proposed coal mining developments on spring ecosystems. Presented by Rod Fencham (DSITIA / University of QLD)

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The English word ‘oasis’ describes an island of life in a barren landscape and was initially applied to desert spring ecosystems fed by groundwater. These mythological ecosystems are most intact in Australia where they contain many organisms known from nowhere else on the planet.

The proposal to develop the Galilee Basin coal deposits presents a new threat to spring ecosystems. I will be explaining the nature of the springs, the fossil resources and the groundwater with which they are associated, and how impacts can be predicted using the Doongmabulla Springs near the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine as an example.

Rod Fensham has published extensively on ecology and conservation directed towards the preservation of ecosystems and plant species, particularly in Queensland. He has been working on spring ecosystems for 20 years and has managed to contribute to their conservation through publicity, reserve acquisition and public policy.


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