Webinar: Reedy Creek Aquifer Injection Scheme

Reedy Creek Aquifer Injection Scheme: using analytical solutions to solve complex problems. Webinar presentation by Ryan Morris (Origin)

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The Reedy Creek Aquifer Injection Scheme is Australia’s largest treated water managed aquifer recharge scheme. With a treatment capacity of 40ML/day and twelve injection bores, it is the sole management solution for the co-produced water from over 300 coal seam gas wells. The bores are over 1,200m deep at target the Precipice Sandstone of the Great Artesian Basin. Injection commenced in early 2015 and over 5.5GL has been injected to date.

Analytical models have been employed in lieu of numerical models from pre-feasibility designs through to operations. This webinar will provide an overview of the  trials that lead to the selection of aquifer injection as the preferred water management option at Reedy Creek, the modelling approaches used in different project phases, and some of the new understanding of the regional aquifer that the scheme has facilitated.

Ryan Morris Bio 

Ryan was a consultant for ten years, where his technical interests included water supply, deep bores and mine water management. He accepted an industry position with Origin Energy after working on the groundwater aspects of Australia Pacific LNG project EIS. During the past five years at Origin, he has been involved with the design and implementation of a regional groundwater monitoring network with over 180 bores, springs assessments, construction water supply, landholder bore and make good assessments, State and Federal regulatory approvals and aquifer injection. Ryan has been responsible for the delivery of subsurface components of the aquifer injection (managed aquifer recharge) including a trial program across four different sites and nine injection targets.

He has progressed two of the trials to operational treated CSG water injection schemes with a combined injection capacity of 48ML/day.

Ryan Morris won the best oral presentation for The Reedy Creek Aquifer Injection Scheme – Design & Operation at the 2015 Australian Groundwater Conference. 

2:30 PM - Adelaide
3:00 PM Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart
2:00 PM - Brisbane
12:00 PM - Perth