The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training offers a wide variety of educational and networking events throughout the year including lectures and seminars on the latest in groundwater research and technology. Presenters include leading national and international groundwater professionals and are a must see for anyone interested in this vital resource.

Event Name Schedule
2015 Australian Groundwater Conference
2015 Henry Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science - Dr. Rainer H. Helmig
2016 NCGRT Public Seminar: Dr. Jim Hendry
2017 Australian Groundwater School & Field Trip - Adelaide
2017 Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture - Ed Harvey
2017 NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecture Series - Dr. Glen Walker
2017 Schultz Oration | Will there be enough water for all in the twenty-first Century?
2018 NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecture Series
Australian Groundwater Conference 2015
Australian Groundwater Modelling School May
Australian Groundwater Modelling School
Australian Groundwater School
Australian Groundwater School March August
Australian Groundwater School
Australian Groundwater School and Field Trip November
Breakfast: Unconscious Bias, why does it matter and what can we do about it
Darcy Lecture 2018 | Dr. Masaki Hayashi
Darcy's Law t-shirt
Environmental Tracers in Groundwater Hydrology February
Field Methods School
Field Methods School - Expressions of Interest April
Flinders School of the Environment - 2015 Research Higher Degree Conference
Food Forest lunch reimbursement - Field Methods 11/4/18
Free webinar - Groundwater Modelling: An Introduction
Groundwater Essentials
Groundwater Seminar Series: Kent Novakowski
Groundwater in Coastal Zones - Modelling & Measurement
IAH/NCGRT Australasian Groundwater Conference 2019 November
IAH/NCGRT Modellers Forum
ICEWARM: 2nd Gas Policy and Water Management
Improving Adelaide’s Groundwater Management for Managers & Decision Makers
International Workshop on Solutions for Water Supply in Coastal Zones
Introduction to Pumping Test Analysis
Investigating the fate of hydraulic fracturing fluid in shale gas formations through two-phase numerical modelling of fluid injection
Lecture: Groundwater Resources & Geothermal Energy
Lecture: Integrated Surface-Subsurface Hydrological Modeling to Support Water Resources Management
Lecture: The UN Sustainable Development Goals
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Managed Aquifer Recharge New Zealand
Managed Aquifer Recharge with Stormwater
Modelling Groundwater with Source
NCGRT 2014 Distinguished Lecturer
NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Tour 2015
NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Tour 2015
NCGRT Public Lecture - Dr. Tony Appelo
NCGRT Seminar Dr Tony Appelo
NGWA Darcy Lecture Series presented by Kamini Singha
NGWA Darcy Lecture Series with Dr Ty Ferré
NGWA Henry Darcy Lecture Series with Dorthe Wildenschild
NGWA McEllhiney Lecture 2015 - Ronald B. Peterson
NGWA McEllhiney Lecture Series
Natural Chemistry and Environmental Tracers in Groundwater: Principles and Applications
Putting away CO2 for good: carbon sequestration in Icelandic basalts
Reinjection of Coal Seam Gas Associated Water
SA Basins Stratigraphy & Hydrogeology Workshop
SA IAH Meeting - Presentation by Professor Adrian Werner
SA IAH/NCGRT Modellers’ Forum #5
Seminar: Development of Active Porous Medium Filters Based on Plasma Textiles
Seminar: M Bayani Cardenas - Taking stock of Earth’s groundwater and its renewability
Shifting from a free access to a regulated exploitation regime: groundwater policy reform in France
Solute and Reactive Transport Modelling
South Australian Groundwater Forum – 2015
South Australian Groundwater Forum – 2015
Understanding Groundwater Law
Water Resources Law in WA Conference & Short Course
Webinar: Impacts of proposed coal mining developments on spring ecosystems
Webinar: Modelling Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions using Source.
Webinar: Professor Derek Eamus on Groundwater-dependent ecosystems
Webinar: Reedy Creek Aquifer Injection Scheme
Webinar: Using the Bureau's Groundwater Information Suite
Women in Water Breakfast - Women in STEM
Workshop: MAR Essentials