The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training offers a wide variety of educational and networking events throughout the year including lectures and seminars on the latest in groundwater research and technology. Presenters include leading national and international groundwater professionals and are a must see for anyone interested in this vital resource.

Event Name Schedule
2015 Australian Groundwater Conference
2015 Australian Groundwater School and Field Trip
2015 Henry Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science - Dr. Rainer H. Helmig August
Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 November
Australian Groundwater Modelling School July
Australian Groundwater Modelling School
Australian Groundwater School December
Australian Groundwater School
Australian Groundwater School August
Environmental Tracers in Groundwater Hydrology: Tools for Improved Process Understanding
Field Methods School November
Free webinar - Groundwater Modelling: An Introduction
Groundwater Essentials
Groundwater Seminar Series: Kent Novakowski
Introduction to Pumping Test Analysis
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Managed Aquifer Recharge October
Managed Aquifer Recharge October
Modelling Groundwater with Source
Modelling for Managers and Decision Makers
NCGRT 2014 Distinguished Lecturer
NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Tour 2015
NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Tour 2015 July July October
NCGRT Public Lecture - Dr. Tony Appelo
NCGRT Seminar Dr Tony Appelo
NGWA Henry Darcy Lecture Series with Dorthe Wildenschild
NGWA McEllhiney Lecture 2015 - Ronald B. Peterson October
Natural Chemistry and Environmental Tracers in Groundwater: Principles and Applications
Public Lecture - William (Bill) L. Fisher, The American revolution in unconventional oil and gas continues
Reinjection of Coal Seam Gas Associated Water
SA IAH/NCGRT Modellers’ Forum #5
South Australian Groundwater Forum – 2015 July
South Australian Groundwater Forum – 2015
Understanding Groundwater Law
Water Resources Law in WA Conference & Short Course
Webinar: Modelling Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions using Source.
Webinar: Professor Derek Eamus on Groundwater-dependent ecosystems